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Manly Men Contest (DONATE!)

Sun Oct 12, 2014, 4:39 AM by The-Average-Alex:iconthe-average-alex:

Hi guys The-Average-Alex here.

So I have decided that I'm going to host a contest In November to celebrate the Manly Men of the world, so get ready for some beards, bikes, tattoos, teddy bears, unicorns and did I mention beards

And I mean all kinds of manly men... even this guy....

I'm a massive supporter of epic facial hair so I'm looking forward to this contest (I might even create some artwork for it just for fun)

I am allocating some $$$ to purchase some prizes for this contest however as it will be the first contest that DAC will be hosting since the re-launch  I'd really like for it to be a big one. So i'll need your help.

If you can donate to My Patreon page (which is technically this groups Patreon, loopholes yay!) I will be able to afford better prizes and make this contest an extremely massive one.

If we reach certain donation points new prizes will be added to the prize list
Patreon is a month by month donation, so if you opt to donate $1 that ends up being $12 a year or roughly $0.25 a week. you can also cancel your Patreon donation at any time. You also get Perks for donating certain amounts! Any amount you can donate will be great and will help us do more contests in the future

There is a whole write up about what my patreon is on on the actual page so if you click the lovely button in the bottom left or the support us button in the navbar that would be sweet.

If you would just like to donate points/or premium that would also be welcome.

Prizes that I'm donating:

(will be revealed closer to November)
  • ?? month premium membership x??
    • ???? points
      • $?? Threadless Gift Card

Prizes that have been unlocked:

  • ???? Points ($10 donated)
    • ?? month premium membership ($25 donated)
      • ???????????????????  ($40 donated)
        • ??????????????????? ($50 donated)


Hey there guys The-Average-Alex here.

So it's been a while since this group has been active and the reason for that is that I have been working on re-vamping the group from the inside out. There are a whole bunch of changes and this journal will explain everything that is going on.

I strongly suggest that you read through the whole journal so you understand all the changes and understand how the group will be run.

You might have noticed the Logo on the journal, that is my personal logo as this is a variation of my custom journal skin.


The folders have been re-organised and will hopefully be easier for users to submit to. Some folders have different rules and you should make sure you read them carefully.

You can now submit 2 pieces of artwork per month instead of 1, this may increase to 3 depending on how things go!!

These folders are automatically accepted, Please try your best to submit to the right folder.

  • Digital Illustrations: This is a very broad folder, anything listed as a digital painting/drawing/illustration will be allowed in here. This includes Cartoons and Comics and Vector artwork.

  • Anime/Manga: Pretty self explanatory, all anime and manga goes here. Western style comics and cartoons will also be allowed here.

  • Fan Art: All of your fan art can go here (as long as it is digital) I'm not being fussy with this one, fandoms scare me..... (i'm looking at you #troyler fans)

  • 3D: All your 3d work can go here, please avoid putting pornographic artwork here, especially if you haven't listed the work as mature.

  • Graphic Design: All logos, typography, posters, brochures, commercial work and general design work can go here, i'm leaving this pretty broad.

  • Misc: If you don't think your work fits in any other folder submit here.

Special Folders:

  • Photo Manipulations: All photomanipulations are to be submitted to this folder, they will be accepted automatically, HOWEVER If you would like your work to be featured you NEED to make sure you provide links to all the stock you used. If you do not provide proper credits your work will not appear in any of our features. The reason behind this is that we do not have the manpower to make sure you are all doing the right thing, so we will give you the benefit of the doubt, just remember in doing so we rely on you to make sure you follow the rules.

  • Advanced Artists: If we think your artwork is in a higher tier than most artists then you might find yourself with an request for your artwork to be put into this folder. Our staff will be responsible for managing this folder. To everyone who would like to spout the "art is subjective" speech it's going to fall on deaf ears.
     Technique, anatomy, composition, colour theming and quality of finish will all be taken into account for this folder. You cannot submit to this folder it is by invitation only.

  • Staff Picks: This folder will house artwork chosen by our staff. If your work has been featured in our feature journals it will be moved to this folder. You cannot submit to this folder it is by invitation only.

  • Stock Images & rescources: If we find any awesome stock images or resources we will add them to this folder. You cannot submit to this folder it is by invitation only.


Features will be organised in a slightly different manner than how they used to. Artwork will be chosen either in accordance to a theme or category and the artwork featured may not always be digital, features will incorporate works from all over deviantart as well as from within the groups folders. They will happen once every fortnight (occasionally there may be more than one a fortnight). I believe that features can help artists grow as they can show you different artists who can inspire you and impact how you approach your art.

Artist Interviews + Group/Contest Features

I'm going to try and start the artist interviews again and they will go up as often as possible, they are a little difficult to organise but they are fun to do and lots of you guys seem to like them.

When it comes to featuring other groups we used to refuse to do so, however now, if we find a group who we believe fits in with out ideas and morals then we might feature them here :) It also gives you guys a chance to see what other communities there are out there. Oh and we might also help advertise contests but that hasn't been 100% confirmed yet.


Ok so we all love contests and give-aways, and they are an awesome way to test your creativity and see what you guys can come up with.

Over the past few years we have hosted some awesome contests and give aways but of course these all come at a cost. And over the past few years I have given out over $2600 out of my own pocket (not just digital art club contests mind you)

I would like to be able to host amazing contests and give aways as often as possible but to do that I need your help. to put it bluntly we need financial help to do this. So here is what I am proposing

Introducing Patreon

Patreon is a service that allows people to donate as little as $1 a month to artists who they wish to support.

So I have set one up, under my name, and I will explain why it's under my name.
To make sure  that we comply with deviantarts Terms and conditions I have set it up as a personal account, however if you ready through the Description on the patreon page you will find that it literally only focuses on Digital-Art-Club.

For as little as 25 cents a week you can help support the group and allow us to host contests and give aways with super awesome prizes. We have 46 thousand members, if even 100 of you donated just $1 a month we could host some super awesome contests

What do you get out of donating:

Don't worry you wont be left without reward if you donate, you will see that there are perks that you will receive if you donate (perks change depending on how much you donate) You can also cancel your donations at any time so you aren't locked in. There are even a couple of mint condition,  deviantart plushies available as higher end perks 


Once we reach certain goals a portion of the money raised through Patreon will go towards Charities (Minnies Food pantry, mcgrath foundation and many more)

There is a nice button on the bottom left hand side of the journal which will take you to the Patreon Page. It will be on all journals from now on.

Final Notes

Im sorry this all took so long, I'm just one guy and I do have a lot to do, but I really do appreciate your patience and I hope we can keep growing as artists together. I have set myself a weekly schedule which includes my responsibilities to this group so I will not be leaving this group to fend for itself again. Love you guys

Sincerely: Alex Blaszczynski (aka The-Average-Alex )


#Digital Art Club
#MPG Project
#The Prize Stash
#My Gallery
#Stock Rules

Heya guys it's The-Average-Alex here.

So before I get to the main point of this journal I need to apologise.
I have been trying to get this group back to its former glory but ive constantly been going MIA without telling anyone. StarsColdNight has been working her ass off whilst I've been gone and she really deserves a tonne of respect for that seeing as how the group would have probably just fallen apart if she hadn't been constantly voting and answering questions and all the other admin stuff. She manages a whole bunch of other groups as well so go check out her profile, give her some thanks, give her a llama or something because she deserves it!
Anywho, I am back, and I won't be leaving again, I promise I will make this work and won't randomly disappear. I'm sorry for being negligent.

The New DAC
As you guys may or may not know, I have slowly been trying to bring DAC back to life and transform the group into a art/community hub within deviant art, also as a place where digital artists can be represented as true artists and not face the discrimination that exists against the digital medium. To me digital art is as significant as traditional art and requires as much skill as any traditional medium to master.

I have tried a lot of different things with this group, and after lots of consideration and lots of polls and journals I've learnt something and that is

I cannot make everyone happy.

No matter what I do someone will always complain and someone will be upset, everyone will have a different opinion on how I should run this group but in the end I'm just trying to do what I think is best, and in saying that I try go with what the majority of people want.
I take all the polls seriously and I read ALL the comments you guys post and I take it all into account before I trial something or implement anything.

But with this i'm biting the bullet, there will be a lot of changes happening, the submission folders are changing, the logo is changing, the journal skin is changing, the way journals are written is changing, the staff is changing, the way contests are run will change and the way features are run will be changed.

I will there is going to be a massive journal when I start implementing all these changes and it will be updated as the changes are made. I ask that you all be patient with me as I work to get this done.
Also please remember there is only one of me whilst there are over 46 thousand of you :)

Folders are closed
The folders are closed as they are being removed, they wont disappear however they will be archived so that the new folders can be implemented.
super sorry for this inconvenience but it's necessary.

Keep your eyes open for a super journal entry coming soon


#Digital Art Club
#MPG Project
#The Prize Stash
#My Gallery
#Stock Rules

Heya guys The-Average-Alex here.

So we still vote on all photomanipulation submissions, and the lovely StarsColdNight has noticed that a lot of you have not been providing links to the stock images used, and also that many of you have been using non-stock images in your artwork. We uphold deviantarts rules on the use of stock imagery so we have decided to post a list of stock sites that we will accept as well as stock sites that we will not accept.

Accepted sites

:bulletblue: (only from the stock section)
:bulletblue: Gettyimages
:bulletblue: photodune
:bulletblue: istockphoto

Sites that we are iffy about
:bulletorange: MorgueFile

sites we won't accept
:bulletred: (seriously no)
:bulletred: Model Mayhem (seriously no)

Special notes

Please note that we will accept images that use stock from other stock sites aside from the ones listed as acceptable, this is just a guideline showing some of the sites that we trust and also ones that are not acceptable

If you use a "render"/"tubed" image (an image that has been cut out from its original background) of any anime/manga/videogame artwork you work will be declined. Also any "render"/"tubed" images of celebrities/internet personalities/adult entertainers will be declined as well.

If you do not include links to the stock images used your work WILL BE DECLINED. we have made this very clear over the past four years, StarsColdNight still sends out hundreds of messages each week asking for links to the stock images used.


#Digital Art Club
#MPG Project
#The Prize Stash
#My Gallery
#Stock Rules

Hey guys The-Average-Alex here.
Just letting you know that we are not dead and that the group is still being worked on.
I've managed to lasso Zraffe into helping write features and I am working on writing up some features as well.

Submission wise here is what is happening.
I'm looking at changing how we layout our gallery, I want to condense the folders so that we have less issues with submissions going into the wrong place.
I'm proposing that I change the folders to the following
The New folders

:bulletblack: Beginner:
Just starting out at digital art? then this is where you should post your artwork!

:bulletblack: Amateur
Been doing Digital art for a little while as a hobby? Then submit your work here

:bulletblack: Advanced
Think you have reached a level that other would call advanced?  I will do a clean up of this folder once a month

:bulletblack: Professional (voting required)
If you think I would publish your artwork in a magazine or show it to a client, then submit it here!

:bulletblack: Elite (voting required)
Think you have a piece of artwork that you believe shows that you are one of the best artists out there? Submit here!!

Special folders

:bulletblack: Editors Pick:
We will pick out artwork from across deviantart and showcase it here.
the artwork in this folder may not be digital art only as sometimes traditional art can be extremely inspirational and provide good lessons for use within the digital medium.

:bulletblack: Featured:
Trying to link this in with twitter and facebook and stuff. I'll work it out

So That's my proposed idea, I would really appreciate it if you guys could leave your opinions in the comments, Do you like this idea, do you hate it, do you have a better idea? Let me know :D

PS: New features will be up soon, New journal skin is being coded and though I know you guys got super angry at us last time i'm looking into changing the logo.

EDIT: I'm leaving this post up for a bit longer, I'm taking everything you guys say in the comments section and working with it :) The more feedback I get the better.

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