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99% OF ALL DECLINED SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE TO SUBMITTING TO THE WRONG FOLDER! We hardly ever decline because of quality issues.
Please be sure to read our FAQ


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Heya guys it's The-Average-Alex here.

So before I get to the main point of this journal I need to apologise.
I have been trying to get this group back to its former glory but ive constantly been going MIA without telling anyone. StarsColdNight has been working her ass off whilst I've been gone and she really deserves a tonne of respect for that seeing as how the group would have probably just fallen apart if she hadn't been constantly voting and answering questions and all the other admin stuff. She manages a whole bunch of other groups as well so go check out her profile, give her some thanks, give her a llama or something because she deserves it!
Anywho, I am back, and I won't be leaving again, I promise I will make this work and won't randomly disappear. I'm sorry for being negligent.

The New DAC
As you guys may or may not know, I have slowly been trying to bring DAC back to life and transform the group into a art/community hub within deviant art, also as a place where digital artists can be represented as true artists and not face the discrimination that exists against the digital medium. To me digital art is as significant as traditional art and requires as much skill as any traditional medium to master.

I have tried a lot of different things with this group, and after lots of consideration and lots of polls and journals I've learnt something and that is

I cannot make everyone happy.

No matter what I do someone will always complain and someone will be upset, everyone will have a different opinion on how I should run this group but in the end I'm just trying to do what I think is best, and in saying that I try go with what the majority of people want.
I take all the polls seriously and I read ALL the comments you guys post and I take it all into account before I trial something or implement anything.

But with this i'm biting the bullet, there will be a lot of changes happening, the submission folders are changing, the logo is changing, the journal skin is changing, the way journals are written is changing, the staff is changing, the way contests are run will change and the way features are run will be changed.

I will there is going to be a massive journal when I start implementing all these changes and it will be updated as the changes are made. I ask that you all be patient with me as I work to get this done.
Also please remember there is only one of me whilst there are over 46 thousand of you :)

Folders are closed
The folders are closed as they are being removed, they wont disappear however they will be archived so that the new folders can be implemented.
super sorry for this inconvenience but it's necessary.

Keep your eyes open for a super journal entry coming soon

Heya guys The-Average-Alex here.

So we still vote on all photomanipulation submissions, and the lovely StarsColdNight has noticed that a lot of you have not been providing links to the stock images used, and also that many of you have been using non-stock images in your artwork. We uphold deviantarts rules on the use of stock imagery so we have decided to post a list of stock sites that we will accept as well as stock sites that we will not accept.

Accepted sites

:bulletblue: (only from the stock section)
:bulletblue: Gettyimages
:bulletblue: photodune
:bulletblue: istockphoto

Sites that we are iffy about
:bulletorange: MorgueFile

sites we won't accept
:bulletred: (seriously no)
:bulletred: Model Mayhem (seriously no)

Special notes

Please note that we will accept images that use stock from other stock sites aside from the ones listed as acceptable, this is just a guideline showing some of the sites that we trust and also ones that are not acceptable

If you use a "render"/"tubed" image (an image that has been cut out from its original background) of any anime/manga/videogame artwork you work will be declined. Also any "render"/"tubed" images of celebrities/internet personalities/adult entertainers will be declined as well.

If you do not include links to the stock images used your work WILL BE DECLINED. we have made this very clear over the past four years, StarsColdNight still sends out hundreds of messages each week asking for links to the stock images used.

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